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Water Conservation

Less Waste Than Your RO System

Exactly How Much Water Does An RO Waste?

Leaf and WaterIndependent studies have shown that a traditional reverse osmosis (R.O.) filter wastes at least 86% of its feed water under normal household conditions. This is largely due to the pressure that is required to force the water through the R.O.’s membrane filter.

The typical water pressure in the average house is around 40 PSI. If the water coming from the tap is 64° then a normal R.O. filter will require 12.5 gallons of municipal water to make one gallon of filtered water, where as a High Efficiency (HE) LINX Drinking Water System will only require 0.6 to 1.4 gallons.

A recent study by Van Newenhizen and Associates evaluated the use of water in several types of POU water treatment systems under various conditions – and our High Efficiency LINX product came out head and shoulders above the others. All of the POU systems in the study had comparable ability to reduce total dissolved solids, but the systems varied drastically in the amount of water wasted. According to the study, the HE LINX system demonstrated “superior efficiency” compared to all of the other units. Click here to review the Van Newenhizen Study to learn more and to see the results.Or you can run this simple experiment yourself:

High Efficiency LINX Drinking Water Systems and Water Savings

HE LINX Drinking Water Systems have a smarter design which gives you big water savings. If you only consume one gallon of drinking water a day, you can save over 7,000 gallons of water in a year as compared to a traditional R.O. filter under typical household conditions.

Water Savings with an HE LINX Drinking Water System vs. Traditional R.O. filter

Water Savings Graph with LINX  Drinking Water System vs. Traditional R.O. Filter

(Assumes typical household conditions with water pressure of 40 PSI and tap water temperatures of 64°)

Less Landfill Waste

The High Efficiency LINX TDS Cartridges produces 1,300 gallons of great tasting water before it needs to be replaced, producing far less landfill waste than basic carbon filters. And while the HE LINX drinking water system runs on electricity, it only costs about 2¢ to produce one filtered gallon.

Less Wasted Time

Convenient, great-tasting water delivered right at your kitchen sink. With your High Efficiency LINX Drinking Water System there are no heavy water bottles to buy, carry or store. And with a warranted capacity of 25 gallons a day you will have all the great tasting filtered water for your soups and pastas or any other kitchen needs.