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Nitrates in Wisconsin

Did you know that 1 in 5 wells in Wisconsin contain unsafe levels of Nitrates? What are the nitrate levels in your well?




Meet the LINX Drinking Water System. It is the single most effective, efficient and affordable drinking water system on the market today. While LINX effectively reduces many dangerous contaminants, it is certified to safely reduce Nitrates better than any Reverse Osmosis on the market. Read below how the LINX System - even at minimum settings - out performs ALL other RO systems.

nitrate-map-ws-medl.jpgIf you were asked to picture Wisconsin, perhaps you’d conjure up an image of wholesome American farmland, fields of lush, green grass, and clean living – but likely not contaminated water. Sadly, you’d be wrong. Wisconsin is faced with some of the most dangerous tap water in the United States! Over 94,000 households in Wisconsin are consuming water that contains unsafe levels of nitrates. That is 1 in 5 private wells. As you can see from this map from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point’s Center for Watershed Science and Education an alarming portion of the state is impacted by nitrates, and many of those areas are well over the 10 mg/l level deemed “safe” by public health standards. To make matters worse, Wisconsin’s groundwater nitrate contamination is likely to increase long before it stabilizes due to the lag time between when nitrogen is applied to the surface and when it reaches the water.

Choosing a Nitrate Filter

While it’s obvious that Wisconsin residents need to protect themselves and their families with a water treatment system (water filter), it is important to do your research so that you invest in a system that will successfully treat your water. Buyer beware: Not all water filters remove nitrates! And of those systems that do filter nitrates, only a small percentage of those can handle the heavy nitrate concentrations found in Wisconsin.


Will an RO System remove nitrates?

Possibly, but only to a certain degree. Consider this, most reverse osmosis systems only offer a 60% - 80% reduction in nitrates. If you live in an area with low nitrate concentrations, you may have satisfactory results. However, if you live in one of the areas where concentrations are 30, 50, or even 100 ppm, even the best RO system could not reduce nitrates down to a safe level. Alternatively, a LINX Drinking Water System provides superior nitrate removal at ANY contamination level, delivering healthy, great tasting drinking water.


Start Protecting Your Family from Nitrates Today

Only a LINX Drinking Water System can offer superior nitrate removal, Dial-A-Taste selection, and water conserving technology. Invest in your family’s health today with a LINX Drinking Water System.