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Easy To Use

Simple, Smart, and Friendly

Not only are LINX Drinking Water Systems the latest in drinking water technology, but they are also the SMARTEST and most USER-FRIENDLY systems on the market.

dial-a-taste.pngCHOOSE YOUR WATER

Did you know that even the purest waters vary greatly in taste? The taste in water comes from the minerals suspended in the water. Only the LINX Drinking Water System’s unique patent protected Dial-A-Taste feature lets you adjust the mineral level content of your drinking water at the turn of a dial. Located at the front of the unit a simple clockwise turn of the dial will increase the mineral content of your drinking water, allowing you to adjust your water to your own taste requirements. You can choose a taste like Mineral Water, Spring Water, Purified Water, or somewhere in between.

As the dial is turned, the blue and red LEDs will light-up for several seconds to indicate the mineral reduction level selected. When the dial is turned completely counter clockwise all four LEDs will be lit indicating that the lowest mineral level has been selected giving you water that has more than 85% of the total dissolved solids filtered out of it and providing you with a clear, odorless, flat water good for cooking. Two lit LEDs indicate the middle level of mineral reduction has been selected, three LEDs mean the second lowest level of reduction and no LEDs indicate the highest mineral level has been set giving you a naturally flavored mineral taste. At the highest level, when no LEDs are lit your TDS reduction will be at approximately 70%.

Many of our customers have chosen LINX Drinking Water Systems for home brewing, aquarium water, and refrigerator ice and water filters. Once you have set your Dial-A-Taste to your preferred mineral content level, there is nothing else for you to worry about. All LINX Drinking Water Systems are self-regulating and can alert you when service is needed.



Unlike systems that require the purchase and addition of salt or chemicals, LINX systems are extremely low maintenance. Each LINX water treatment system is built with a regeneration process that reverses the polarity of the electrodes and flushes out the unwanted ions straight to the drain. We agree, that's quite a mouthful, but what it means to you is that there is nothing to buy, nothing to store, nothing to maintain. After the unit has produced 650 gallons of clean, healthy water, you will change the filter cartridges, but the system will even tell you when to do that!

LINX systems run on electricity, but only 0.2 kWh per gallon which is equivalent to 70 kWh per year for a typical family using 1 gallon (4 liters) of drinking water a day. That's comparable to using a toaster.



Each LINX Drinking Water System has a series of LED lights that indicate a system performance status: when the system is producing filtered water, when the unit is going through its regeneration process or if any component parts such as the TDS Cartridge, or filters need replacing. It's the next best thing to having it talk to you! 

LINX products employ programmable software that controls how it works and allows performance to be optimized based upon your tap water's unique quality and product water preference. This is what allows you to dial the taste, keep track of how much water is produced, and tell you when it is time to service the unit and replace cartridges etc. LINX systems also have a built in leak detector that shuts down the system if it senses a leak. The system will also issue an audible alarm to alert you.